Our Purpose

Morse is the original digital mode.

Morse Code is about 20 times as efficient as AM voice. This is to say that a 5 watt transmitter on Morse can achieve about the same range as a 100 watt AM transmitter and still be understood. This means a lot less power to pack with to to the point of tranmission.

Morse allows the sender to slow to any bit rate necessary to be heard under the poor conditions or weak of signals.

All of this is to say that Morse can be sent efficiently with very low powered packable transmitters, transmitters using internal batteries for example. Also transmitters that can stay up much longer on a limited power source.

For all these wonderful advantages, morse requires less equipment and less radio than any other mode. While there are some magnificent and wonderful digital moes which are of great use under the right circumstances, all but morse require a computer or some kind of digital processing equipment and more battery power when it comes to packing up where transmitting is at its best.

I believe all ham radio operators should maintain some level of skill in Morse. I think it is most unfortunate that the FCC has removed the requirement for Morse in obtaining a license. This will do much damage to the hobby of ham radio as it lowers the utility of ham radio in emergency use.

More important than all of this is, of course, the fact that Morse is fun and is what ham radio is really all about.

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