Our Purpose

The purpose of this site is to provide a place where those interested in Morse Code can find others of similar skill level to arrange contact times and frequencies in order to practice for the real world of CW.

Don't take anything said here to mean that experienced people are not welcome. If you want to help promote the use of CW or otherwise find this site of use, please join.

Also, anyone can join to "lurk" the list, posting is never required.

I know there are others out there wanting to learn CW. with the loss of the novice class and designated frequencies, it's tough to find low speed CW being done it seems, and now there is so little on the air that beginners like myself don't have anywhere to go to listen and practice. I don't know about you, but I find practice programs to be almost worthless, a tough way to learn. The best way, is to listen to others in the real world, and when you are ready, get on the air

I can spend hours listening for a CQ, and most of it is being done by by at advanced speeds.

On the other side of the problem are the people like myself who want to get started, but where to the find me? Sending CQ gets silence most of the time. Novices need to find novices.

Overall, this is a degenerating situation. Without beginners, CW is going to die.

This site should serve as a place where people can find others of their own skill level for practice with Morse Code. It may help replace the novice designated sections of the bands.

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